Welcome to the Workshop!

Infrequently updated projects the brothers are working on.

Our Rust server is no more find us on the community server Rustalicious maintained by the legendary MrLadd!

BBC Micro:Bit weather station

Here's our Microbit weather station hooked up in the workshop, it logs to micro sd at whatever interval you've set it to. We have Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Altitude, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Rainfall. Soil Moisture & Temperature are not implemented. The display can scroll through all current readings or be turned off to save power.

Windspeed: 3 mph


Solar power setup:

Mini CNC Milling Machine. Intended to make pcb boards for development or small hobby pieces it began life as a Proxxon MF70 it has 3D printed mounts for the axis which are controlled by Mach3 running on a pc built into the rear of the enclosure.

Testing and setup:

Still a work in progress but she runs!

Tests on a piece of cd jewel case:

Model Chemical Plant. N-Gauge model with rgb led hidden inside the main building controlled by a Crumble. It pulses green to indicate the toxic nature of the Hello Kitty Chemical Corp...

Plant 1

Plant 2

Poisoned Worker 1

Poisoned Worker 2

Plant 5