Various images of many things:

Old Tube based Scopes

Rescued BBC Master Series

Robotis OLLO Johnny 5 line follower

Our old vehicles #1

Rescued RiscPC's Acorn A5000's and an Archimedes of some kind.

Novelty 'Custard Pie' foam spray, probably very toxic.

Old Wrappers 1

Old Wrappers 2

Fixed Powerbook 190 after logic board replacement.

Faceless Baby.

Our old Vehicles #2 & RC Crawler

Rigol Test Equipment

Fancy Scope

'Telequipment' Serviscope Minor

Mr Transistor

A Sad Day.

Dodgy surface mount soldering

Our Old Vehicles #3

Old Photos #1

Old Lego 1

Old Lego 2

e-x-kit 1

e-x-kit 2

e-x-kit 3